Ferris Cat Wheel

Type: Health
SKU: FCW-G5-Black

NOTE : Delivery takes approx. 10 business days after dispatch and shipped directly from the manufacturer.

Keep your cat active and happy with a Ferris Cat Wheel, specially designed for your cats by a Bengal breeder.

The wheel provides safe indoor exercise, fun and mental stimulation for indoor cats, especially the more energetic breeds like Bengals, but Orientals, Siamese and many other cat breeds have been taking to them with ease. The wheels are lightweight yet strong and stable.   

Please note:

  • Wheels are packed in 2-3 Days.
  • Delivery takes approx 10 business days after dispatch. 
  • Delivered in two parcels (helps keep the weight down) and tracking numbers are provided.

Dimensions of Wheel Once Assembled.

  • 142cm tall once on the base unit.
  • 130cm width
  • 31cm depth

You'll receive everything you need to assemble your Ferris Cat Wheel.  Your cat will undoubtedly want to help out!  12 wheel segments that slide together with bolt & locknut assemblies (kit includes ratchet for easy tightening) and wheelbase. Your wheel kit also comes with 12 EVA foam tiles (5mm thickness) that you peel 'n' stick on the running track once the wheel is fully assembled.  Choose from 5 colours! Black, Blue, Pink, Teal, Yellow.


The wheelbase includes additional support in the centre of the base unit.  With 6 skate wheels, the wheel is sturdier than ever to provide maximum possible support for strong runners and large heavier cats.

Best of all - Delivery is FREE!

The wheel is delivered in two boxes directly from the manufacturer.  

Ferris Cat Wheel Distributors are available in other countries to help you out!  Send a message, we'll put you on the right track.

Focus on Safety

Protection for little paws and tails - Skate wheels are safely positioned, tucked into the wheelbase legs, out of harm's reach of little paws and tails

Protect your cat's spine - A 121.5cm (48-inch) INNER wheel diameter allows your cat to move freely without excessive arching of the back, which will protect your cat's spine (smaller wheels will cause spinal strain or stress)

Safely walk, run, gallop and play - The 5mm EVA foam tiles that line the 31cm (12.25-inch) width running track so your cat can move with confidence and comfort.  Sturdy wheelbase constructed for stability, better wheel movement and performance

It is easy to assemble and can be cleaned simply by using soapy water or if you have a number of different cats using the wheel the f10 disinfectant can be sprayed onto the wheel and let dry.

Check out the assembly videos below from www.ziggydoo.com in Canada.

Assembling the Wheel Segments

Assembling the Base Unit

Attaching EVA Pads